When two people set about to explore an intimate relationship together and eventually choose each other in marriage, there are only two people in that marriage. It’s not uncommon for parents and grandparents to get involved to some extent, maybe even too much at first, but ultimately there are two people only.

And when the marriage doesn’t work out, the same two people are involved in the dissolution of the marriage, until professionals get involved and the divorce becomes a group activity, a battle between two opposing sides.

Enter Progressive Refocusing … It’s the 6-week, 6-step system that helps one or both marriage partners to refocus on a positive experience, and to create a post-marriage future that does not involve immediate opposition to each other in an adversarial way.

Is that possibility rather difficult to imagine?  It’s been a challenge for some people because they have seen and heard so much about divorce wars, and naturally that’s what they expect to experience, too.

On the other hand, we have clients whose expectations naturally defy conventional legal and social norms. These people have a confident expectation of cooperation, before, during and after their divorce matter is settled. They choose ignore the well-meaning advice of friends, family and co-workers, and they deal directly with each other, as two people in a life transition.

Terminating a legal marriage is a legal process, so a lawyer is usually involved in the necessary filings and court appearances. But it’s possible for the two (and the ONLY two) people in a marriage to gain a higher, broader perspective on themselves and on their respective futures through the Progressive Refocusing experience.  It prepares them for sincere accommodation and cooperation by pre-paving the way through their divorce and into their post-married life. It can even spare them a trip into the courtroom entirely.

Progressive Refocusing clears the way for your confident expectation in a positive outcome and a harmonious relationship in transition. Two people in a marriage can, in fact, release their expectations of a nasty divorce war and create a respectful refocused relationship instead.




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