The WHAT and WHY of Progressive Refocusing  

Progressive Refocusing is unlike anything you have ever known. To explain the WHAT, I first need to explain the WHY of it. Then it will make perfect sense, and quite possibly bring you genuine hope in your personal life.

The topic of divorce carries a heavy charge, as though it’s loaded with powerful explosives. Ask anyone who has been divorced, or heard, read and watched divorce horror stories in the media. Everybody is convinced that divorce is hell, no matter how it happens. Divorce = suffering.

Even though divorce is a very common experience, because half of all marriages are reported to end in divorce, most people are at once fascinated by gossip about other people’s divorces and at the same time anxious about the possibility of divorce in their own lives.

There’s a logical reason we experience both fascination and trepidation about divorce. And that reason is simple – we are conditioned to expect drama and pain in the divorce process. We’ve become accustomed to hearing about messy divorces and so we naturally expect them.

With Progressive Refocusing you can expect something entirely different. You can look forward to creating a dignified, positive divorce experience for yourself, your spouse and your children.

We know it’s possible to have an amicable divorce, and that some people actually manage to achieve one. We’ve heard about them, but it’s rare. Cooperative, friendly divorces are the uncommon exception, certainly not the rule.

Progressive Refocusing is a transition system for anyone who is considering moving out of married life into post-married life. This system provides a set of guidelines, if properly followed will allow for the release of negativity and emotional distress, and the creation of a refocused attitude towards the whole experience.

Because the choices you make are based on what you believe to be possible, this transition system will allow you to create a new relationship for both parties’ greater good.

What To Expect When You Choose Progressive Refocusing

I want to change the prevailing paradigm about divorce now, and revitalize it for the future.

Will you join me by choosing to experience Progressive Refocusing for yourself?

Here are three points to consider before you decide:

  • First of all, I am qualified by my twenty years as a practicing divorce lawyer. At this point in my career I’ve handled five thousand divorces, so I’ve come to a working understanding of the flawed nature of our thinking about divorce and our systems for processing it.
  • Secondly, I am deeply motivated to change our thinking and our systems because divorce is a prevalent and inevitable component of society, and we need to treat it with as much dignity and respect as we treat marriage. Ending a marriage relationship should be acknowledged and honored, too, not just its beginning.
  • Finally, I have developed a method for helping people contemplating divorce to decompress the social stigma attached to it now, and to move gracefully into their next phase of life, without lugging along heavy, emotional baggage.

I call it Progressive Refocusing because it’s the antidote to the belief that divorce must be heavy-laden with dangerous explosives. And it works by defusing the negative charge, which allows you to focus on the positive potential of your divorce experience.

Does that sound like a paradigm shift worth having when your marriage is ending?

Our Sharp Focus In Progressive Refocusing 

We help you maintain a sharp focus in your Progressive Refocusing experience, and it’s the key to helping you:

  • Gain a broader perspective
  • Validate your experience
  • Release your experience
  • Refocus your experience

Because divorce-related professional services are usually somewhat adversarial, it’s important to understand that our singular involvement with you in Progressive Refocusing is to helpyou refocus your relationship from marriage to post-marriage. And we accomplish this by equipping you with specific tools over the course of our 6 weeks together.

We help you reinvent your relationship into something entirely new, and that’s it! We won’t be doing anything else, and although it’s a sharply-focused system, the results are tangible and applicable to many areas of your life.

You’ll be able to put this particular chapter of your life into perspective and travel lightly into the future.  The tools you acquire in Progressive Refocusing will help you achieve lightness of being during your transition and into your future as well.

Because we will not represent you in the divorce, the mediation or the division of marital assets, we’re able to maintain an unbiased, neutral perspective on your behalf. We help you refocus your attention on your own future in post-married life in order to move through your divorce process painlessly.

We have no other goal but to give you the tools to release the baggage you carry with you out of marriage and into your transition. This is an invaluable step, and one that other professionals generally do not address.

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