When your life has been entwined with another person’s life for a period of time, from several months to several years, and maybe even several decades, there are usually many family relationships at stake when you’re contemplating divorce.

Parents, siblings, cousins, and of course the spouses of all these adult relatives are people with whom you may have developed close family ties.  Your own children and possibly grandchildren are likely to be the first people on your mind, but there are bound to be several others, once you begin to consider them.

And when life events bring you face-to-face with potentially awkward situations such as weddings and funerals, and even grandchildren’s birthdays and sports events, you can find yourself somewhat at a loss. There’s no rule book for handling these social situations, and unfortunately, that means they are often handled poorly, or avoided entirely.

Progressive Refocusing can pre-pave the way for you and your partner to attend important family events without experiencing awkward or unpleasant encounters. How the two of you interact in your post-marriage relationship will set the tone for other family members and friends attending these events, too.

Spending 6 weeks to explore our 6-step Progressive Refocusing system can help you refocus your emotions and create a post-marriage relationship that works for the two of you, and for your extended family as well.  It’s truly a gift you can give yourselves and your families for the rest of your lives.

Progressive Refocusing provides the tools for you to establish clear communication and healthy expectations, during your dissolution of marriage and long after, into the years and decades when you’re both living your separate lives.

What does it look like when a divorced couple chooses to move forward with the tools they acquired in their Progressive Refocusing experience? Their picture develops uniquely for every couple, and it can include intentionally planning to meet at a family wedding to enjoy each other’s new spouses and families, or simply acknowledging each other, politely and gracefully at a graduation ceremony.

You can choose to build peace and ease into your future family gatherings by choosing Progressive Refocusing now, before your divorce.

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