Many parents long for cooperative custody agreements when they are contemplating divorce, but having heard so many horror stories from divorced friends and family members it often seems impossible.

The bitter, uncooperative tone of many pre-divorce negotiations and the agreements forged in that hostile environment frequently result in aggravation and suffering for parents and children alike. And sometimes the negativity goes on for many years.

Progressive Refocusing can change these expectations, which can dramatically improve the results in your own divorce. Here’s how:

A “refocused relationship” is the foundation you want before proceeding with any custody agreement. Your refocused relationship is effectively a “clean slate” that pre-paves the tone of your post-marriage relationship, in all areas.

Progressive Refocusing is the intentional creation of the clean-slate, refocused relationship, where most aggravating factors are minimized/removed, so you can proceed with a positive attitude and mind set.

Finding common ground on behalf of your children is one of the greatest gifts you and your spouse can ever give them. Children want to know they are loved and they want to experience continuity in their lives, especially in times of great change such as divorce.

Giving your children the stability of smooth, cooperative custody arrangements is definitely possible when you have chosen to focus on your post-married life before getting involved in the details of divorce negotiations, including custody agreements.

Finding and cultivating the peaceful, harmonious common ground your children deserve and you desire is much easier when you have pre-set the tone of your co-parenting relationship.

Progressive Refocusing brings your future options into clear perspective, through a simple, 6-week, 6-step system.  It is the key to a cooperative, harmonious environment during your dissolution of marriage and thereafter. And that cooperation includes shared custody arrangements, whether they involve weekly, monthly or annual custody exchange.

You’ll have the tools you need to establish clear understandings, healthy boundaries and peaceful communication on a regular basis going forward, and also to deal with the inevitable schedule changes, birthdays, vacations and emergencies that will arise.

Co-parenting can be a positive, nurturing experience. You’ll see the possibilities and you’ll have the tools to create those possibilities, the positive experiences you want for your whole family, when you choose Progressive Refocusing prior to any custody negotiations in your divorce.

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