Have you noticed there’s not much information available about choosing a positive divorce experience? If the time has come for you to transition from married life to post-married life, you may be wondering if your own divorce can become a positive experience for you, for your children and for your spouse, too.

The answer is definitely yes, you can intentionally create a positive divorce experience from the very beginning of your pending divorce. And you can get professional help to make sure you are not alone, and you get the guidance you need.

Lubov Stark draws from her twenty years of experience as a divorce lawyer to deliver her new system called Progressive Refocusing: The Positive Divorce Experience. It’s an exclusive, 6-week, 6-step system to help you transition out of marriage gracefully.

Progressive Refocusing helps you achieve clarity and peace of mind by providing a safe environment for you to transform any beliefs and expectations that may be holding you back. It’s a simple system designed to minimize all the negative aspects of divorce by elevating your perspective on your current circumstances and refocus you on the future you desire.

Harmony, consideration and cooperation are crucial in this important phase of your life, and in the lives of your children and other family members. But, sadly, those are the same qualities missing from the typical divorce experience. Everyone involved in your divorce can benefit from your willing participation in the 6-week, 6-step system available to clients who resonate with these ideas.

Meeting on Skype with Ms. Stark each week will help you to see your desired future now, and to choose it intentionally, even before you begin making any decisions about all the underlying issues of your divorce, such as custody, property division and financial matters. You’ll have the advantage of an elevated perspective on the concept of divorce and on the future of your relationship with your ex-spouse.

Progressive Refocusing takes the idea of “no-fault” divorce to a much higher level, giving you the ability to see possibilities instead of assigning blame.  It literally frees you to focus on the new life you’re creating for yourself as you make a transition from your present married life. Consciously choosing your positive future infuses your legal divorce process with a welcome sense of forward momentum, which can save you a tremendous amounts of time and money, compared to typical litigious divorce experiences.

Contact Lubov Stark by email or phone to make an initial appointment to discuss if Progressive Refocusing: The Positive Divorce Experience is for you.

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