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Legal Dissolution Of Marriage

Progressive Refocusing: The Positive Divorce Experience is my legacy work. The thousands of divorce cases I’ve handled over twenty years in my New York matrimonial law practice, Lubov Stark, LLC, give me a professional foundation and ample inspiration to provide a practical, peaceful alternative to the adversarial environment of legal divorce.

That’s why I created Progressive Refocusing, the sophisticated divorce technology offered exclusively as a 6-week, 6-step system now.  It helps you to see and to choose an elevated perspective on your own divorce, giving you genuine clarity and positive forward momentum.

Whether you participate with your partner or by yourself, you will get the time and the tools you need to refocus and to create a smooth transition from married to post-married life.

I help people in the pre-divorce phase of their marriage relationships. Progressive Refocusing is not legal representation for your divorce, however. It is a completely separate and uniquely successful system to help you achieve a positive divorce experience by refocusing on your present and future well-being in the midst of change, and prior to the negotiations required in your legal dissolution of marriage.

Please contact me to choose Progressive Refocusing: The Positive Divorce Experience, the result of my life’s work as a lawyer and my passion to help people reduce suffering in their divorce process.

Progressive Refocusing

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