Why Choose Progressive Refocusing?

rati_bossIntroducing a simple 6-week, 6-step system to help you transition out of marriage gracefully.

Let me help you change the momentum of your pending divorce, and gain a positive, new perspective on yourself and on your future, to transition out of marriage gracefully. With my simple 6-week, 6-step system you’ll transform your beliefs and expectations to achieve genuine clarity and peace of mind before tackling any other issues underlying the divorce.

Progressive Refocusing: The Positive Divorce Experience lightens your outlook and refreshes your expectations, minimizing negativity and emphasizing a positive outcome for everyone affected by your divorce, including your children.

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What We Do

Progressive Refocusing is an emotional management system that leads to a positive divorce experience. We help you refocus your mental and emotional energy to gain clarity, and to be able to make the best decisions at the right time, important decisions that benefit you and honor others.

A positive divorce experience requires an emotional plan, so we offer a 6-week, 6-step system through weekly personal, individual sessions to help you make your plan and to use it during your smooth transition from married to post-married life.